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The HDMI surge protector is used to protect the HDMI devices against electrostatic discharge/cable discharge events/lightning. Itr is active on all TMDS channels and will act as a final defense for ESD and lightning surge.


So why wait? Order your HDMI surge protector today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electronics are protected from power surges and voltage spikes. Whether you're in Kingston, Montego Bay, or anywhere else in Jamaica, our HDMI surge protector is the perfect choice for all your home entertainment needs.

HDMI surge protector-Protect HDMI Devices

    • HDMI Surge Protector: The HDMI surge protector can provide protection for all HDMI devices against electrostatic discharge/ cable discharge events.
    • Feature: Compliant with HDM1.4,HDCP, protect HDMI input and output for ESD.
    • Solid Design: portable design, made of premium material has longer lifespan and solid quality.
    • Package: 1 pcs HDMI surge protector, 1 pcs user manual, easy to use, support plug and play.
    • Warranty: For any defective product or product you aren't satisfied with, you can freely contact us for the full refund.
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