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Are you in search of a dependable Ethernet surge protector that offers comprehensive protection against lightning strikes and power surges in Jamaica?


The Tupavco Ethernet Surge Protector 2-Pack is the perfect solution.


These surge protectors are engineered to support PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet systems and are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions while providing ultimate protection for your network equipment. Whether you're dealing with electrical disturbances, lightning strikes, or power surges, the Tupavco Ethernet Surge Protector has you covered.


Featuring a sturdy and compact design, these surge protectors can be effortlessly installed and utilized in various applications such as home and office networks, outdoor security cameras, and more.


So why opt for the Tupavco Ethernet Surge Protector? Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Complete protection against power surges and lightning strikes
  • Specially designed for use with PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet systems
  • Durable and compact design for easy installation
  • Appropriate for a wide array of applications


Whether you're searching for network protection for your home or office or you're a professional installer looking for a reliable solution for your clients in Jamaica, the Tupavco Ethernet Surge Protector is an excellent choice.


Why wait? Order your 2-pack today and relax knowing that your network equipment is fully protected.

Ethernet Surge Protector (2 Pack) PoE+ Gigabit- full protection

  • Tupavco Ethernet Surge Protector (2 Pack)  PoE+ Gigabit 

    • Ethernet Surge Protector for Gigabit GbE PoE/High PoE++ (HPoE) 1000 Mbps LAN Ethernet Network
    • Gas Discharge Tubes for Full Protection GDT - Lightning Suppressor RJ45 Cable Protection CAT6/CAT5
    • Aluminum Case,Ground Wire 12AWG,Line-Line Line-Ground Protection,Bidirectional Clamping,20KA 8/20μs
    • Thunder Arrestor Protects Computer Networking Equipment Devices like Router,Modem,Camera,Switch etc
    • Provide transient protection for the protected differential line pair to IEEE 802.3 af/at/bt (PoE++ 15V/24V/30V/48V/50V/56V Transmission) Mode A and B IEC 61000-4-5 (Lightning/Surge) 20KA (8/20μs) with PoE current of 1.6A / 2 pairs and 3.2A / 4 pairs (154W/48V max).
    • Mounting Flanges provide option for screw mount to the Wall, Electric Panel or Network Rack Cabinet
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