Why a UPS is the best computer investment

A UPS is one of the most important investments you can make when you purchase a computer. Not only does it protect your hardware investment but prevents data loss; increasing user productivity. Mother Nature will have her moments; it’s just a fact of life. When the electrical current going to your device is not steady, it can have dire consequences for your PCs and home entertainment systems. Common issues relating to voltage include blackouts, brownout, noise, spikes, and power surges.

Kinds of Power Problems

Blackout: Also called a “power cut” can happen when a transformer is damaged or a downed power line.

Brownout: This happens when there is an overload of electrical circuits in your home our office.

Noise: Commonly caused by interference from lightning and generators; resulting in unclean power going to your devices which can corrupt files

Spike: A sudden increase in voltage lasting only a short time which can happen if power is ever restored from a power outage.

Power Surge: A dramatic increase in voltage caused by large household appliances

Types UPS

Online Double Conversion UPS

The Online UPS converts the input AC mains supply to DC power, which is then used to charge the battery. The DC current flow is then fed through an inverter stage that reconstructs the AC mains output. It will be completely free from any interference or power fluctuations such as spikes and voltage variations. The output voltage and frequency are controlled precisely, thus ensuring a clean and stable sine wave power output.

This UPS is the best and safest of its kind especially for a business where data and information are highly important, however it is the most expensive.

Offline UPS

An Offline UPS allows power to flow straight through the unit, from plug to computer. If there are any power fluctuation of disturbances outside a pre-set tolerance the UPS wi;; stop the main power and switch to battery power. Once the main power has been normalized the UPS reconnects the computer to the main power.

This is the cheapest kind of UPS that can protect any PC or laptop from most dangers however it has the least failsafes of any of the UPS.

Line-Interactive UPS

A line-interactive UPS often call “inline” or “digital online” operates very similarly to an Offline UPS. It is different in the way it handles power fluctuations, instead of switching straight to the battery backup it will supply extra power if main power gets too low are reduce it if power goes too high.

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